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Lawrence J Revit / Revitronix
60 Murphy Road, Braintree, VT 05060
Tel (802) 728-9080

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae — Lawrence J. Revit


Master of Arts, Northwestern University - Evanston, Illinois.

  • Research program in audiology and hearing impairment; (assisted Prof. Mead C. Killion - 4 years)
  • Master's thesis topic: improved repeatability of real-ear measurements (led to published paper).

8/76 - 12/79
Bachelor of Music, University of Miami School of Music - Coral Gables, Florida.

  • (cum laude honors; special service scholarship; dean's list; Golden Key Honor Society)
  • Major: music engineering technology; Minor: electrical engineering

Advanced seminars in Hearing Aid Research:

  • House Ear Institute (1990,2,4,8, 2002,4), presented posters;
  • NIDCD/VA (1995);
  • University of Iowa (1991,3), presented three papers;
  • VA/Vanderbilt University (1990);
  • Washington University (1989), invited guest.


Current Consultant in Audio, Audiology, and Acoustics - Braintree, VT.

Multinational clients; notably:

  • Academic Therapy Publications
  • Arizona State University
  • Children's Hospital Boston
  • Clarity / Plantronics, Inc.
  • Clarke School for the Deaf
  • Etymotic Research, Inc.
  • GN ReSound
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Planning Systems, Inc.
  • Siemens Audiologische Technik GmbH
  • Sound Innovations, Inc.
  • Washington University School of Medicine
  • Defined a sound processor for improving speech intelligibility over the telephone.
  • Co-created and sold a "real-world simulator" sound system for research and development of hearing devices and voice recognition systems, and published a trade paper about it.
  • Authored textbook chapters on real-ear and test-box measurements of hearing instruments.
  • Helped code a computer model of the middle ear.
  • Provided digital audio engineering services for creation of clinical hearing tests.
  • Installed and custom-programmed R-SPACE sound systems
  • Created custom audio programming for experimental research
  • Evaluated and outfitted audio test facility according to ANSI standards
  • Carried out microphone in-real-ear (MIRE) testing of hearing protection device

9/88 - 9/94

  • Applications Scientist - Frye Electronics, Inc. (Tigard, OR) and Etymonic Design, Inc. (London, ON), manufacturers of hearing and hearing-aid test equipment.
  • Defined software and hardware tools for the fitting of hearing devices.
  • Created user manuals; published scholarly papers and text chapters on measuring and fitting hearing aids.
  • Directed research projects and solved special problems.
  • Served professional relations through trade publications, presentations, and customer support.

4/88 - 9/88

  • Research and Development Engineer - Siemens Hearing Instruments (Piscataway, NJ), manufacturer of hearing aids.
  • Generated performance specifications for new instruments.
  • Helped to develop a programmable hearing aid.
  • Solved problems in testing, documentation, quality control, marketing and research.

9/83 - 6/87

    Laboratory and Teaching Assistant - Northwestern University (Evanston, IL), program in audiology & hearing impairment. Assistant to Mead C. Killion.
  • Developed and presented lectures and labs in hearing-aid electronics, earmolds, and hearing-aid testing; assisted in psychoacoustics laboratory.

Temporary employment during career change

  • Research and Development Technician - Etymotic Research
  • Assembled, tested, and documented electroacoustics research instruments.


  • Instructor and Laboratory Supervisor - Institute of Audio Research
  • Managed two electronics laboratories; presented courses in audio electronics and recording.


  • Research Affiliate - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Research Laboratory of Electronics
  • Reviewed ongoing psychoacoustics research;
  • constructed experimental electromechanical devices;
  • participated in psychoacoustics experiments.


  • Recording Engineer and Studio Manager - Highlights from previous career:
  • Managed concert-hall recording studio and music-school sound services (3½ years);
  • Recorded Grammy Awards runner-up big-band jazz album;
  • Engineered and supervised audio crew for nationally broadcast tv quiz show.


Peer reviewer for scholarly journals

  • Ear and Hearing
  • The International Journal of Audiology
  • The American Journal of Audiology
  • The Journal of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology

Active member of:

  • ANSI working groups S3/WG48 (hearing aid specifications), S3/WG80 (real-ear measurements) and S3/WG81 (assistive listening device specifications), S12/WG11 (evaluation of hearing protection devices)
  • The American Academy of Audiology
  • The American Auditory Society
  • The Audio Engineering Society
  • The Independent Hearing Aid Fitting Forum (IHAFF - working to standardize fitting protocols)
  • Technical Advisory Board of CATV/6 (community-access television station)


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