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Lawrence J Revit / Revitronix
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Curriculum Vitae

Since 1994, Revitronix has provided products and services for the ear and hearing. The company's founder, Larry Revit, is professionally trained in audio engineering, audiology, and music. He works with companies, researchers, and clinicians on projects ranging from installation and programming of laboratory sound systems to providing audio production engineering for clinical test CDs. Although the primary focus of Revitronix is the science and technology of the ear, its continuing involvement in music engineering and performance speaks to the highest goal of the company: to contribute to the betterment of hearing, not only for speech but for music and the other sounds of life as well.

Audio Technology

The patented R-SPACETM sound system is an eight-loudspeaker "real-world" sound simulation system. It is the only laboratory sound system that has been scientifically validated to yield accurate real-world results on tests of speech intelligibility in noise using directional microphones.

The patent-pending CoClearTM hearing-aid amplifier method takes into account what is known about the workings of the inner ear (cochlea), to present to the impaired ear (or the normal ear under adverse listening conditions) the best possible signal -- targeting maximum intelligibility. An important feature is that the entire range of programming, from flat to high-frequency emphasis, for mild to severe hearing losses, can be easily controlled by the user with two simple controls: "tone" and "volume".

High-Precision Sound Engineering and Editing

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