The R-SPACETM Sound System

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Setting a new standard for research and development of listening devices, the R-SPACETM sound system gives you accurate real-world results for speech intelligibility in noise.

Targeted for research and development of audio devices used in noisy conditions:

  • Hearing aids and assistive devices
  • Cochlear implants
  • Computer voice recognition systems
  • Noise-cancelling listening systems
  • Cellular telephones
  • Other communication systems

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Dear Prospective Client...

Thank you for your interest in the R-SPACETMreal-world sound system. Revitronix has spent several years in partnership with Etymotic Research, perfecting this effective, and cost-effective, tool for revealing the true performance of audio devices used in noisy environments.

Originally targeted for research and development of directional hearing aids, the patented R-SPACE system answers an industry-wide call for an efficient, accurate, and standardizable means of testing the real-world performance of a broad range of audio devices used in noise. The call comes not only from scientists and manufacturers who are working to quantify the benefits of new solutions, but also from the FDA, whose guidelines specify that hearing-aid advertising, for example, be backed by real-world validation studies.

Because of the proven track record of the validity of results obtained in the R-SPACE system, researchers no longer must rely on time-consuming and often inconclusive self-report validation designs. The R-SPACE system has passed stringent tests of accuracy and generalization to the real world, and is now available for use in your laboratory.

Because of its accuracy, efficiency, and comparatively low cost, we anticipate that the R-SPACE sound system will become the standard tool for assessing real-world performance - in a laboratory.

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